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愛科米便攜機成立於1984年,位在信陽矽谷工業區.精良的技術團隊是我們產品品質的保證.我們致力於製作市場上最精良的提攜式工業電腦.所有ACME產品的研發和生產都有詳細計劃.我們持續技術的創新以迎合未來市場上多變的需求.ACME PORTABLE MACHINE,以最好的產品和品質,使工業電腦界產生突破性的變革.ACME是最好,最穩妥的投資,最能滿足貴公司對電腦的需求,並超越您的期待.不斷地技術改良,鼓舞著我們思考,了解客戶現在及未來的需求.我們視提攜式工業電腦為未來的投資,而不只是交易的工具.我們的目標是隨著時間推移,提供客戶能不斷成長的投資.

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1.活化組織,客戶為尊 從客戶的建議與問題中再配合以往的經驗與前瞻性的計畫,我們凝聚了所有的智慧與力量在近年來持續進行脫胎換骨的變革,以期把企業成功的轉型為”活化性組織”. 2.鼓勵在各方面的創新 創新與不斷的研發一直是我們的命脈,所以我們不但要在技術方面追求創新, 更在行銷,企劃,管理上要求. 如此才可建立公司的積極, 高效率的處事態度, 來因應瞬息萬變的產業特性. 3.堅持高度的職業道德 職業的道德代表著一個公司的品格與商場上的寶貴的名譽, 是我們最基本也是最重要的理念, 也是執行業務時必須遵守的法則. 4.國際化之永續經營 我們的目標市場並不侷限於東南亞或任何地區, 要在全世界的國際化經營. 5.客戶是我們的好夥伴 客戶的滿意是ACME的成功. ACME Building Certification

Started in 1966, from Shenzhen, the first portable computer machine ACME portable computer machine of the earliest.

Started in 1966, from Shenzhen, the first portable computer machine ACME portable computer machine of the earliest

Acme Graph

Acme Company Profile

Acme Portable Machine was established in Xinyang Silicon Valley Industrial Park, Taipei, Taiwan in 1984. Our team of skillful engineers and technicians is committed to quality in all of our products. We are dedicated to manufacturing the most integrated portable computers in the marketplace. All ACME portables are designed and manufactured right down to detailed specifications. We keep current on the latest technological advancements to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s and tomorrow’s markets.

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Corporate Mission

ACME Portable Machine is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and operates in Taiwan with exclusive distributors in Germany and the UK. Our portables have been proven effective in meeting the most demanding environments and out performs others in critical applications.

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The ACME Lunchbox Portable is widely used in the following field-related applications: data acquisition, analyzing LAN/WAN and telecommunication signals. The ruggedness also allows it to function well in manufacturing facility, as well as in the medical field for diagnostics and aerospace applications. All of this knowledge has allowed ACME to become the leader in portable computing. We take advantage of the latest technology advancements to meet the ever demanding needs of today and the future. Combining power, portability and durability unseen before, the ACME Lunchbox Portable is truly defined as “Power to Go”.

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In Summary

ACME Portable Machine has revolutionized the portable computer industry with the highest quality service and products. ACME represents the best and most stable investment to meet and exceed your company’s computing needs and expectations. Advancement in technology is a constant. It encourages us to think with you and understand your current and future needs. We envision the portable computer as an investment in the future, not just as a tool of the trade. Providing our customers with an investment that will grow continuously over time is our goal. ACME Building Certification